Warwick Shadows Guitar Club 

Sunday 3rd February 2020 

A very well attended first meeting of the New Year and a fitting start to the new decade for the Club. It was great to see all the familiar faces back again for a very packed and hugely enjoyable session. The level of playing by everyone was one of the best yet and much appreciated by all. After a well conducted and organised AGM it as straight down to business with Shazam kicking off in their customary fine style. Please see the playlist below.


A big thanks to all those players who stepped forward to play in the live band sessions (Bob Goulding on rhythm, George on drums, Dave Laine on vocals and bass, Keith and James on rhythm and bass, Ken Adams on vocals, Jenny on keyboards, and of course Ian McCutcheon on lead). A big thanks also to Joy and  all those who gave us the lovely buffet lunch and helped out with the general organising and to Roger Dyke and Ian Johnson for managing the sound desk, the playing schedules and MC duties.

Ian Johnson                                                                                                                                                                                 

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Geg Palmer: Brazil / Mountains of the Moon 

Mel Addison: Wild Theme / I Dreamed There Was No More War / The Stranger / Atlantis 

Adrian Johnson: Stranger On The Shore / Guitar Tango / Heartbeat / Genie With The Light Brown Lamp / Theme From Shane / Diamonds.

Robin & Jenny: Temptation / Sasha / Theme For Young Lovers /Geronimo

Ken Adams: The Rise and Fall of Flingel Blunt / My Resistance Is Low / The Savage / Gonzales 

Ken Morris: Bossa Roo/ How Long 

Roger Dyke: Telstar / I Listen to My Heart 


Mike Ellis: Dance On / Genie With The Light Brown Lamp 

Bob Goulding: Rock n Roll is King / Reflections OF My Life 

Stewart Wood: Midnight / Dancing Shoes / Wonderful Land / Foot Tapper /Man of Mystery / Apache 

Ken Morris: Perfidia / Dance On

Ray Lloyd: FBI / The Young Ones / Ferry ‘Cross The Mersey / Apache / Atlantis / Living Doll 

Ian McCutcheon: Atlantis / Shadoogie 

Jason Hill: Shindig / Kontiki 

Geg Palmer: That’ll Be The Day / Oh Boy 

Mel Addison: / Wonderful Land /Theme For Young Lovers

Ken Smith: Dance On / The Stranger 




Warwick Shadows Guitar Club 

Sunday 15th December 2019 

After a quiet start to this special pre-Christmas gathering a few members arrived early, they brought heavy equipment i.e. amplifiers, speakers, drum kits, guitar echo units and considerable amounts of cable necessary for such an event. Others brought boxes of tasty goods, food for the afternoons buffet. The clubhouse was well prepared for such a festive occasion with its large Christmas tree fronting the stage backdrop.

Sadly, some of our key members had reported in ill and we sent them our best wishes for a speedy return to good health.

The band were soon up and playing, entertaining the now increasing numbers of members and spectators, the music played was to a very high standard and so much appreciated by all onlookers.

The wonderful buffet prepared by our ladies had a large Christmas cake as its centre piece, generously donated by Mel & Margaret Addison

After a fabulous afternoon of great music, all were entertained by a local magician before our Chairman Ian McCutcheon closed proceedings thanking everyone who had worked so hard making the afternoon possible, he mentioned Jason and Roger on the sound desk, Ron, for hauling and playing drums, David Laine and Bob Golding for their huge contribution and everyone involved with the afternoon success.

Ian wished everyone a Very Happy Christmas.






WSGC  Christmas Meeting Playlist December 2019


John Stallard : The Albatross /  Rounding the Cape 

Ian McCutcheon :Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas / Christmas Melody 

Robin and Jenny :  Temptation / The Old Romantics 

Ian Johnson : Janine / Friend 

Ken Adams :   Some are Lonely / Geronimo 

Mel Addison : Wild Theme /On the Wings of a Nightingale 

Geg Palmer  :   Theme for Young Lovers / Resistance is Low 

Adrian Johnson : Diamonds /Shadows Mix 

Dave Lane :  It’s Beginning to Look Like Christmas / Santa’s Coming to-T 


Stewart Wood :  Shindig  /  FBI 

Robin and Jenny : Riders in the Sky  / Guitar Tango 

Ray Lloyd  : Apache  /  Move It 

Mel Addison :    Wonderful Land  /  Theme for young Lovers 

Ken Adams  :  Wonderful Land  /  Shindig 

Geg Palmer  :     Shadows Medley 

Bob Golding  :  Walk in the Room  / Sultans of Swing 

Stewart Wood :   I Could Easily Fall In Love with You  /  Move It 

Ray Lloyd  :  Flingle Bunt  /  The Young Ones 

Ken Smith : Peace Pipe  / Genie with the Light Brown Lamp 

Adrian Johnson  : Kon Tiki  /  Shindig

Mike Ellis : Please don’t tease / Shadoogie  

Robin & Jenny : Dance on / TFYL  

Adrian  :   Flingle Bunt / Genie (wtlbl )  

Shazam +  Jenny : Atlantis / Cricket bat Boogie

Ray LLoyd : Foottapper / Do you wanna dance  

Mel Harvey : Don’t rock the juke box 

Roger Dyke  :   The Stranger and Cavatina 

* Huge thanks to everyone in the support bands

Bob Golding : Ron Innes : David Laine : Ian McCucheon : Stan : James : Keith : Ken